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For books, book chapters, and articles which our library doesn’t own, students and faculty can request an interlibrary loan using Tipasa. Delivery typically takes 3-10 days.

First, you will need to find out what sort of item it is and confirm that we don’t already have it. If we do, an interlibrary loan request will be declined.

Here are some steps you can take yourself to get the item as fast as possible:

1.       All this is much easier if you have a complete citation. Keep a record of where you found the citation in case you need to show it to a librarian.

2.      Is it a book, a book chapter, or an article?

a.      Books will have the author’s name, the Title of the Book in italics, the place of publication, the name of the publishing company, and the YEAR of publication.

b.      Chapters in a book or encyclopedia may have a separate author for that chapter, the “Title of the Chapter” in quotation marks, the Title of the Book in italics, name of book editor/author, page ##-## of the chapter, the YEAR of publication, the place of publication, and the name of the publishing company, and the YEAR of publication.

c.       Articles in a magazine, newspaper, or journal will have the author’s name, the “Title of the Article” in quotation marks, the Title of the Journal in italics, and the volume, issue, page numbers, and DATE of publication (e.g., Spring 2010, January 1999, October 31, 1911).

3.      If you see a publisher’s name, it is a book or book chapter.

4.      If you see a volume and page numbers, it is an article.

5.      If your citation is incomplete or difficult to decipher, try entering the title you have in Google Scholar.  If you get a hit, use the “Cite” link to look for a more complete citation.  You may see a link on the right-hand side of the page to a publicly-available PDF or other version of the text. If you’re on campus, Google may also direct you to a library book or database (“Get this item at Sacred Heart University”). Also, click on the linked title in the result to get more information.

6.      If you haven’t found the item in full-text yet, search in the library by Title of the Book or Title of the Journal using the Library Catalog  tab or (for journals) using the “Journals by Title” tab (both on the Library homepage)

7.       If you’re still having trouble, talk to a reference librarian.

8.      If you haven't found it in full text, use the details you've found to complete the interlibrary loan form on ILLiad.

For the particular item you inquired about, the link in Google Scholar showed that it was a chapter in an online encyclopedia (book) published by Wiley, so it wouldn't be listed in the journal databases.  Searching our catalog showed that it is not in our collection, so you can request that chapter via interlibrary loan.

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